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My name is Amy Carroll.  I am a
Teacher/Tutor/Academic Coach

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My Background

Reading proficiency is critical to children's education and it is my pleasure to set them up for success by helping with the foundational skills in reading.  My 16 years experience in education (with 15 years in between raising a child) have spanned multiple facets of early childhood education!  From daycare, to my own classroom, to working as a paraprofessional instructional aide, my experience has helped me identify a successful approach for building foundational reading skills.  Delivering explicit, personalized instruction is a priority, because it works!


Providing engaging, live, interactive sessions via Zoom is an innovative way to meet each child's needs as they move along their educational journey.  I have been tutoring via Zoom for approximately four years and found it very effective in helping children feel comfortable with learning, and what is expected of them.   We also use games/activities to guage comprehension and learning in a fun way during our sessions.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help children learn to read. Let's connect.


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